Posted by: Alaska Williams | December 23, 2009

Closing of 2009

So here it goes 2009 and the end of the year is almost at hand, or should I say another year over and I fell older.

Looking back at this time last year I remember thinking the same thing as I am now, what have I done to make a difference and came up with the same answer for this year as I have in the past years. Nothing worth bring to mind.

I thought I made a good judgment call when I decided to change jobs.
It was a good call at the time. I was assured that money was in the bank for at least six months in advance to pay my wages, in three months I was not getting a full paycheck and this caused me to have to rethink my life again and at forty two there is not much time to sit and think about what you want to do.

For some time now I have felt well…… sort of like that I have let my family down. See I just wanted to spend more time with them. Having the new job was going to change my life style and make a new start after not being around for my three children’s growing up as much as I would have liked.
Let’s start from the beginning.
In 1987 I fell head over heals for a young gal of 15. For some reason we just clicked.
We had our first son in 1988 and our daughter in 1990 followed by our last son in 1997.
In 1991 I started work at the local arena as a janitor. While I was there I gained a lot of skills that made me a customer orientated worker and also work a lot of mixed hours.There were days that I would work from 8 to 20 hours in a day. Many of Thanksgiving’s and other special occasions were missed with my family as well as many weekends and camping trips. Yet this was ok by them…. so they say. I new that deep down they wished I had a regular 9 to 5, weekends off type of job.

In 2003 I was offered the supervisor position for janitorial. After 12 years I was on top of the world I had finally made it. So I thought.
The job I did I was good at and the upper management felt the same way. I had many ideas that worked out great and different responsibility’s that was not part of my normal job duties that I undertook. I really took pride in my job. The responsibility’s and the energy of the building when events took place and seeing the people enjoying themselves was like a  kid at Christmas.

Then after six years things changed, I noticed that my crew was cut down and I had to rely on temps to do the job that was costing a pretty penny. I was limited on who I was able to hire and the HR thought that when the big bosses were gone she would be able to get away with anything and make threats.
My department was going down hill and no matter how hard I tried I was not getting a fair deal. I ended up having to go and pick up trash, sweep and mop. I could not understand why this was happing. For 4 years I would talk to my boss about new equipment that was required to get the job done and was told there was not enough money, and then find out a different department gets a new piece of equipment that is not even needed. I had enough. I talked to my wife and she was happy I finally would have a Thanksgiving at home.

That was when I was offered a job, to do a totally different type of work. The money would be great and I would start to be able to have a semi normal life, (that would have been the time the thought in my head of what my mom use to say, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” was suppose to hit me).
 I had organized how I was going to budget my checks and would be able to put some in savings. It was going well for a few months then I was asked if I would take half a check here and there. Do to personal difficulties. Well this brought up red flags right away. I knew something was about to change.
I ended up having to make a choice and one that sometimes I regret. I did enjoy doing that work, but when you are new at it and having to be expected to understand the functions of curtain parts of the job, when all you have done in life is one thing that was not even closely related. I tried to explain this and it seemed not to matter. It was time to go.

Because of my decision in changing jobs, the position I once held was removed in order to save money. I have ended up going back there but as a part time porter and a few dollars less.

Maybe I was never intended to leave there and I needed this experience to help direct me in my life’s journey. I sure hope so.

Hopefully in 2010 at this time I will be able to have a new experience to share.

 Chow for Now


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