Posted by: Alaska Williams | July 31, 2008

Ouch! Ted Stevens

Wow this is going to leave a mark on Alaska. If you have not heard Sen. Ted Stevens is being indicted on charges for money that was spent remodeling his home and other miss-dealings.
A real bummer for us. 40 years in being our senator and we are now just finding out this about him? Be real. I think not. There are a number of Alaskans who have known of Mr. Stevens dealings, what about all the great things he has done for our state, like….   well there’s…..   hum, I really can’t think of anything that was a benefit to me or my family.
Darn and all these years I really thought Sen. Ted Stevens was really for the people of Alaska and here it is in black and white he was just skimming some off his enjoyment.
This is a real blow to Alaskans all over the state. Even with the billions of dollars he had gotten for Alaska, there has really never been a “greener side”, we still have to pay higher taxes and fuel that is drilled in Alaska then sent out then sent back so we can have gas for our autos and heat for homes.
From bridges to nowhere to giving $45,000 dollars and more to John Sununus campaign, {by the way if you care he is a senator in Manchester, NH}.
Most of all that money that was earmarked for Alaskans ended up in someone pockets and it wasn’t mine.
Now is the time that old saying really comes to light, you know the one mom use to say, “what goes around comes around”. Even at 85 years old, you are never to old to be put in “time out”.
I really hope he knows what he has done to Alaska and the people who trusted him all these years.

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