Posted by: Alaska Williams | July 1, 2008

All Gone

I know we have all herd it more times then we can count, but this is a serious situation when it comes to “Global Warming” also known as “Climate Changes” such as glaciers melting at a rapid pace.
This is why it is my turn to say something. Will it help?, probably not. At least it shows I care.
When I was younger we use to go down to the edge of the water at Portage Glacier and collect a bunch of glacier ice to put in our coolers. It was something we did yearly. Then we noticed that the ice was not close enough to get. We would go back every few years and kept seeing it move further out. After that our trips weren’t as fun and it was such a let down to go and see a glacier that is disappearing. This is what it use to look like in the early years. Then this one in Jun 2006.
We were there on June 27th 2008 and this is what it looks like now  Taken June 27, 2008
Click here for more info on global warming in Alaska and the real impact on this issue.
Now can we stop it? Sorry no. What is done is done, however we can learn from it and try and balance out the chaos we helped create.

Chow for now




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