Posted by: Alaska Williams | May 25, 2008

Changes in Alaska

Things have really been changing here in the “Last Frontier“.
What once was a land of trees and wildlife is now in a transformation to some of the lower 48’s big cities problems and issues . We have not only seen a change in youth gangs but also homicide, robberies also in the structure of the state and the cities in it.
From new land construction (taking up 90% of the land in Anchorage it seems) to major road reconfigurations, such as installed a few years back “round-a-bouts“. Now those are a pain. Alaska is still the biggest state but the land it self is almost gone.
Not only has the structure of Alaska changed but the attitudes of Alaskans also have had to change.
20 years ago you would see someone hitching a ride and would stop and offer. Now you have to really hesitate and think about it. More times then once we have had to say no to our self and keep moving on.

Chow for Now


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