Posted by: Alaska Williams | April 28, 2008

April Snow

What a real bummer…
after all the snow was about gone we get a dump of snow of about 24 inches in some areas. This was a record for us. I fell bad for the ones who took there snow tires off.
You may think “what’s the big deal, your in Alaska.” Well the big deal is we are suppose to be in spring weather.
Now this has folks talking about global warming even more. After watching the news on glaciers receding, then looking at the weather patterns I see a lot of changes happening to mother earth. Let’s hope it’s not to late and we don’t end up really screwing things up by trying to help and end up making it worse.
If we start burning alternative fuels, then won’t this introduce a different type of element into the air? Wonder what will happen after about 30 or 40 years of this. Have to wait and see.
I really have to wonder what my kids are going to have to deal with when there my age. Will it be a easier answer for them to solve? Sure hope so.

Chow for Now


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