Posted by: Alaska Williams | April 8, 2008

Turtles in Alaska?

You wouldn’t think that turtles would be in Alaska yet there are a number of folks who own them.
At just $20.00 and about $200.00 with environment and tank they make great pets. We have a Red Eared Slider {now 2 thanks to my daughter} her name is Lucy Luv. We got her from a pet store about six months ago. She is cool to watch, the first day we had about nine small goldfish we got the same day, well needless to say right when we put them in she showed them who was boss, I never knew they were meat eaters. Then about two days later we seen there were only six left and that confirmed it. Now the three that are left stay away and are much bigger now.
I guess the most time concuming thing to do is keeping up on the water. Other then that the cost has not at all been bad.

As I stated before my daughter brought home another young Red Eared Slider today, this one was abandoned in a house. Her friend has had it for about 2 months and was never in water. So we set up a tank and put her in it. She did not know what to do she just floated there for about 5 minutes then started to kick her legs. She still unsure, we hope she’ll be ok. Update: We have named this one Lucky. So far so Good. Update: 4/23 – Lucky is doing great. We have put her in our daughters room and even munched up about 6 goldfish. Wild.

Chow for Now


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