Posted by: Alaska Williams | March 27, 2008

$500.00 to all Alaska residents?

This sounds like a good idea to pay each resident of Alaska $500 to help with the high energy costs yet not every resident had to pay.
There are a number of people who should not get this.
lets say Billy is staying with Joe and rides a bike or walks, now Joe drives to work and is the one who pays the fuel bill, how is it that Billy should get this check?
What about the homeless folks why give them a check for something that they did not have to pay for or even try and have?
If you want to help with fuel cost then send the checks to the gas stations to help lower the cost at the pumps. Or even set up some deal to work with the oil companies to help off set the cost.
Again, not all residents have had to pay the cost for fuel and I sure as hell don’t want to see somebody getting a check to go out and get drunk or do drugs.

I’m not sure where this will end up. I’ll let ya know.

Chow for Now


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