Posted by: Alaska Williams | March 26, 2008

Going Green

I was just informed at work today that we are “Going Green” by not using Styrofoam cups anymore, plus we are changing our cleaning and paper products. We want to show that we care about our environment and good old mother earth. This is great and am all for it.

Now lets look at the other side of this. We want to recycle glass, plastic and such. Well if we do all this, why then should the cost go up?
If something is recycled then it has already been produced and therefore should not have to cost more then when it was first produced. For example; when you buy something and it says “Made from X % amount of recycled product” and it cost more then something that wasn’t, how is that good for the environment when it cost more to re-produced recycled products?
One thing I noticed is the labeling and advertising on products have gotten more graphic, and then you have to pay the people to create it. In the end we as consumers have to pay for it while trying to help the environment. How do you save the environment and still save money? You don’t. As consumers we will pay the price and complain as we are using the products that is suppose to help the environment yet cost more. Go figure.

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