Posted by: Alaska Williams | March 24, 2008

Pets & Foreclosures

I know this is off the path of a Alaska Blog, but I wanted it to be a thought.

You’ve just received the keys to your new home, and feel this is the place you can retire in. Years go by that you put money and memories in, all to find out your going to loose it.Catching some sun

It’s hard for a family to go through a foreclosure. This is also hard for pets.
People are able to pack up and relocate. Not so for many pets, some are left abandoned, given to shelters and strangers, or even worse.
When we get pets we often think of a life time companion or family member. Then a situation like this comes up and now are forced into a tough and confusing conflict.
What to do, how to tell the kids, what the pet might think after this?It is hard to have to give up a pet no matter if it is a dog or goldfish.
Often there maybe a solution if you are able to explore them like calling a friend or family member and offering to pay them if they can help. This shows them and to yourself that this is an important issue and are willing to take what ever measures possible to handle it. Also calling a kennel and explaining to them the situation can possibly help with reduced pricing for hardship.
How ever the out come, always show the pet that you care and want the best for them.

Chow for Now


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