Posted by: Alaska Williams | December 23, 2009

Closing of 2009

So here it goes 2009 and the end of the year is almost at hand, or should I say another year over and I fell older.

Looking back at this time last year I remember thinking the same thing as I am now, what have I done to make a difference and came up with the same answer for this year as I have in the past years. Nothing worth bring to mind.

I thought I made a good judgment call when I decided to change jobs.
It was a good call at the time. I was assured that money was in the bank for at least six months in advance to pay my wages, in three months I was not getting a full paycheck and this caused me to have to rethink my life again and at forty two there is not much time to sit and think about what you want to do.

For some time now I have felt well…… sort of like that I have let my family down. See I just wanted to spend more time with them. Having the new job was going to change my life style and make a new start after not being around for my three children’s growing up as much as I would have liked.
Let’s start from the beginning.
In 1987 I fell head over heals for a young gal of 15. For some reason we just clicked.
We had our first son in 1988 and our daughter in 1990 followed by our last son in 1997.
In 1991 I started work at the local arena as a janitor. While I was there I gained a lot of skills that made me a customer orientated worker and also work a lot of mixed hours.There were days that I would work from 8 to 20 hours in a day. Many of Thanksgiving’s and other special occasions were missed with my family as well as many weekends and camping trips. Yet this was ok by them…. so they say. I new that deep down they wished I had a regular 9 to 5, weekends off type of job.

In 2003 I was offered the supervisor position for janitorial. After 12 years I was on top of the world I had finally made it. So I thought.
The job I did I was good at and the upper management felt the same way. I had many ideas that worked out great and different responsibility’s that was not part of my normal job duties that I undertook. I really took pride in my job. The responsibility’s and the energy of the building when events took place and seeing the people enjoying themselves was like a  kid at Christmas.

Then after six years things changed, I noticed that my crew was cut down and I had to rely on temps to do the job that was costing a pretty penny. I was limited on who I was able to hire and the HR thought that when the big bosses were gone she would be able to get away with anything and make threats.
My department was going down hill and no matter how hard I tried I was not getting a fair deal. I ended up having to go and pick up trash, sweep and mop. I could not understand why this was happing. For 4 years I would talk to my boss about new equipment that was required to get the job done and was told there was not enough money, and then find out a different department gets a new piece of equipment that is not even needed. I had enough. I talked to my wife and she was happy I finally would have a Thanksgiving at home.

That was when I was offered a job, to do a totally different type of work. The money would be great and I would start to be able to have a semi normal life, (that would have been the time the thought in my head of what my mom use to say, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” was suppose to hit me).
 I had organized how I was going to budget my checks and would be able to put some in savings. It was going well for a few months then I was asked if I would take half a check here and there. Do to personal difficulties. Well this brought up red flags right away. I knew something was about to change.
I ended up having to make a choice and one that sometimes I regret. I did enjoy doing that work, but when you are new at it and having to be expected to understand the functions of curtain parts of the job, when all you have done in life is one thing that was not even closely related. I tried to explain this and it seemed not to matter. It was time to go.

Because of my decision in changing jobs, the position I once held was removed in order to save money. I have ended up going back there but as a part time porter and a few dollars less.

Maybe I was never intended to leave there and I needed this experience to help direct me in my life’s journey. I sure hope so.

Hopefully in 2010 at this time I will be able to have a new experience to share.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | July 27, 2009

See Ya Palin

WOW…. That is a real blast.
OK..?  So Sarah Palin has decided to move on and out as Governor.
 Now, come on what would cause Palin to make such a announcement at a short time left in her term?  We did vote for her and trusted in her to fill the full term. 
Sure hope that the media exposure of her and family didn’t have something to do with it.
I beleave she knows what is right, and the decition she has made is true to herself and her family.
Well whatever the reason I hope the best for them all.

Hope to see them at the Aces games this season.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | November 18, 2008

Wecome back Gov. Palin

Well what a bummer about not being the Vice President.
It would have been nice to see it.
Yet maybe it just was not the right time. Who knows.
Still it was cool to have a Governor that ran for such a high seat.
Now that she is back she is faced with yet more media coverage. 
They should back off and let her run this state. It’s done and over and now it’s time to move on.
So welcome back Governor Palin and her family (who also had to deal with a lot of media torment).
See ya at the hockey games.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | August 30, 2008

Vice President Palin

Has a nice ring to it, a bit of a shocker, but still a nice ring.
Gov. Palin is a great Governor. She is all ways willing to talk to folks and shows real interest in what they have to say, unlike others who just nod and then blows you off. For many politician it’s all about money, with Gov. Palin it’s all about the people. She shows great public relations, I have seen her at hockey games jumping up with the crowd when there is a goal. I have met her husband and he also has a great attitude.
Yes there are negative talking going around, when your in politics anything can be made negative.
It’s what she does that counts.
So let’s take a look at a few of the positive things like a gas line {even if it is going threw Canada}  she help get going, did not see any others at least try. She is helping the people with a relief check for helping with the cost of fuel.
I have read a lot of blogging remarks from people the problem is those folks don’t even live in Alaska. You would have to meet the Governor to really understand the positive attitude she has.
I really hope that if and when she becomes vice president that the rest of America will be able to see the real Palin, and to all that pre judge people based on what they read, you all might as well just put your head back in the sand.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | July 31, 2008

Ouch! Ted Stevens

Wow this is going to leave a mark on Alaska. If you have not heard Sen. Ted Stevens is being indicted on charges for money that was spent remodeling his home and other miss-dealings.
A real bummer for us. 40 years in being our senator and we are now just finding out this about him? Be real. I think not. There are a number of Alaskans who have known of Mr. Stevens dealings, what about all the great things he has done for our state, like….   well there’s…..   hum, I really can’t think of anything that was a benefit to me or my family.
Darn and all these years I really thought Sen. Ted Stevens was really for the people of Alaska and here it is in black and white he was just skimming some off his enjoyment.
This is a real blow to Alaskans all over the state. Even with the billions of dollars he had gotten for Alaska, there has really never been a “greener side”, we still have to pay higher taxes and fuel that is drilled in Alaska then sent out then sent back so we can have gas for our autos and heat for homes.
From bridges to nowhere to giving $45,000 dollars and more to John Sununus campaign, {by the way if you care he is a senator in Manchester, NH}.
Most of all that money that was earmarked for Alaskans ended up in someone pockets and it wasn’t mine.
Now is the time that old saying really comes to light, you know the one mom use to say, “what goes around comes around”. Even at 85 years old, you are never to old to be put in “time out”.
I really hope he knows what he has done to Alaska and the people who trusted him all these years.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | July 4, 2008

Public assistance or Public abuse

I have no problem with helping others in need as with the public assistance program {also known as welfare, they are steering away from that term} but,… when I am at the store and I see someone come up with a cart full, like ten, twelve pack sodas,  ice cream bars and other goodies. Yet no milk, bread or even a fruit. Then to pay for it with a quest card {now given instead of food stamps} to pay for just that and nothing else, then saying that they forgot to get topping for the ice cream.
HELLO…..  What is this? I am a tax payer like yourself, and let me tell you this is plain wrong.
Yes I was on public assistance at one time, like 20 years ago, but this has gone to far. We need to step back and regulate what is needed and what is junk. To many time I see folks buying plain out junk food.
From buying candy bars, soda, cakes, gummy bears,….. Gummy Bears? Now when has gummy bears become a food source?
Let me tell you I never set there and bought just ice cream, candy bars, soda, or gummy bears.

This has gotten out of hand and it is time for the state and government to start regulating just what these recipient’s should get for there household and have a way to set up the card to not allow to buy over a certain amount of these types of food.
Not to say they should not have any but let’s get real, when a single parent of one child buys ten cases of twelve pack sodas and is with her boyfriend then saying she has to get more goodies. I don’t think so.
There are many folks out there who can’t get public assistance and are unable to afford ice cream, candy bars or even gummy bears.
This is just not the way public assistance is suppose to work, and if it is, I don’t want my tax dollars paying for some junk food when there are plenty of other folks out there that could put it to better use.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | July 1, 2008

All Gone

I know we have all herd it more times then we can count, but this is a serious situation when it comes to “Global Warming” also known as “Climate Changes” such as glaciers melting at a rapid pace.
This is why it is my turn to say something. Will it help?, probably not. At least it shows I care.
When I was younger we use to go down to the edge of the water at Portage Glacier and collect a bunch of glacier ice to put in our coolers. It was something we did yearly. Then we noticed that the ice was not close enough to get. We would go back every few years and kept seeing it move further out. After that our trips weren’t as fun and it was such a let down to go and see a glacier that is disappearing. This is what it use to look like in the early years. Then this one in Jun 2006.
We were there on June 27th 2008 and this is what it looks like now  Taken June 27, 2008
Click here for more info on global warming in Alaska and the real impact on this issue.
Now can we stop it? Sorry no. What is done is done, however we can learn from it and try and balance out the chaos we helped create.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | June 27, 2008

Exxon a real let down

Well if you all have not herd or may not know about, the Supreme court has made there decision on the final bout over the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Going from a 2.5 billion to only a little over $500 million.
Click here for more on this.
Now not being one of the plaintiffs I still fell this is a low blow to Alaska’s fisherman. These people lost out on millions and millions of dollars in profits from fishing to tours.
It’s really hard to understand why Exxon would not just pay. Was not like it would have hurt there pocket books any. Not with these profits they just got $40.61 billion last year .
If this is how they view a way to say sorry and kick a few pennies of what is really owed, then this only shows the younger generations how “Big Companies” really work.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | May 25, 2008

Changes in Alaska

Things have really been changing here in the “Last Frontier“.
What once was a land of trees and wildlife is now in a transformation to some of the lower 48’s big cities problems and issues . We have not only seen a change in youth gangs but also homicide, robberies also in the structure of the state and the cities in it.
From new land construction (taking up 90% of the land in Anchorage it seems) to major road reconfigurations, such as installed a few years back “round-a-bouts“. Now those are a pain. Alaska is still the biggest state but the land it self is almost gone.
Not only has the structure of Alaska changed but the attitudes of Alaskans also have had to change.
20 years ago you would see someone hitching a ride and would stop and offer. Now you have to really hesitate and think about it. More times then once we have had to say no to our self and keep moving on.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | May 13, 2008

Elton John in Alaska

It has been awhile since we had a real good concert with a sell out crowd. With Sir. John playing here, it is a real treat. Sure we get SOME others that come up, form time to time but this one is going to be hot.
Tickets sold out in 45 mins for the first one and then only a little more then an hour for the second one folks were out for 2 days waiting.
They really do need a bigger arena here, tickets sold out fast, now there are a number of folks who feel real bummed.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | May 4, 2008

Old day Diary – New day Blog

I have noticed these days a lot of changes in the way this generation expresses themselves.
You may remember a time when folks would write there deepest secrets and days events in a small book sometimes with a little lock, and if it was opened and read, it was seen as a violation of privacy.
WOW… how times have changed.
Now you read peoples deep secrets and days events and are even encouraged to make a comment in hopes that they to will come and read your thoughts on life.
The differents in a diary and a blog is only the generation your from. How and why are still mystery.
You have to wonder when the big change from secret diaries to open blogging came about.
this makes me wonder what other open changes have come about, and what possible other change are to fallow.
I see many changes every year or so, from community changes, corporate changes to home life changes. With this in account and the fact of some global changes it makes me wonder what else will change in time and if as a society we can benefit from it or end up creating more chaos in the world.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | April 28, 2008

April Snow

What a real bummer…
after all the snow was about gone we get a dump of snow of about 24 inches in some areas. This was a record for us. I fell bad for the ones who took there snow tires off.
You may think “what’s the big deal, your in Alaska.” Well the big deal is we are suppose to be in spring weather.
Now this has folks talking about global warming even more. After watching the news on glaciers receding, then looking at the weather patterns I see a lot of changes happening to mother earth. Let’s hope it’s not to late and we don’t end up really screwing things up by trying to help and end up making it worse.
If we start burning alternative fuels, then won’t this introduce a different type of element into the air? Wonder what will happen after about 30 or 40 years of this. Have to wait and see.
I really have to wonder what my kids are going to have to deal with when there my age. Will it be a easier answer for them to solve? Sure hope so.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | April 25, 2008

Gearing UP

Gearing up for fishing, hunting and all the other outdoor activities.
Here in Alaska, when the temp hits 45 to 50 degrees it’s Pre-Spring and that means a lot of cleaning and getting ready for the short summer.
We get an average of nine to ten months of winter and if we are lucky then we get about five days of 70’s -80’s out of the summer.

There are many places to see here and lots to do. From camping to even surfing. I myself would prefer Hawaii to surf but to each his own.
Depending on what type of things you like, will take you to many different parts of Alaska.
South Alaska is great for fishing and heading North there are places for camping and Alaska history and both can fill any memory card of a camera.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | April 16, 2008

Giving the Chance

A lot of people happen to look at a persons past and judge them on today’s standards.
What this means is that if you done a crime 5, 10 or more years ago and try and get a job today, you will see it to be much harder.
Even if you were a first offender and just got out, if you have a DV or any type of assault it is assumed you are that way.
With this it makes me wonder, if we send these folks to jail for what they did wrong, then when they get out and try to get a job and the employer sees what they were in for and says no they get frustrated and make another bad chose, then we blame them and yet maybe if they had gotten the job they would not go out and do more crime.
Now there are some that could care less if they go back in. They like doing crime and don’t mind the time. This is just what they know as there way of life. So be it.
Yet there are many others who know they made a bad chose and want to fit in today’s society. It’s hard though when they go and apply for a job let’s say for a janitor and the employer says no, this tends to really make someone fell like dirt.
We should keep in mind that as a society we sent them to jail for a crime, when the time is finished then as a society we need to be giving them a chance to make things right.

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Posted by: Alaska Williams | April 8, 2008

Turtles in Alaska?

You wouldn’t think that turtles would be in Alaska yet there are a number of folks who own them.
At just $20.00 and about $200.00 with environment and tank they make great pets. We have a Red Eared Slider {now 2 thanks to my daughter} her name is Lucy Luv. We got her from a pet store about six months ago. She is cool to watch, the first day we had about nine small goldfish we got the same day, well needless to say right when we put them in she showed them who was boss, I never knew they were meat eaters. Then about two days later we seen there were only six left and that confirmed it. Now the three that are left stay away and are much bigger now.
I guess the most time concuming thing to do is keeping up on the water. Other then that the cost has not at all been bad.

As I stated before my daughter brought home another young Red Eared Slider today, this one was abandoned in a house. Her friend has had it for about 2 months and was never in water. So we set up a tank and put her in it. She did not know what to do she just floated there for about 5 minutes then started to kick her legs. She still unsure, we hope she’ll be ok. Update: We have named this one Lucky. So far so Good. Update: 4/23 – Lucky is doing great. We have put her in our daughters room and even munched up about 6 goldfish. Wild.

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